Masala Maggi

Add more jazz to your all time favorite plain maggi with a bunch of veggies and a dash of spices


Maggi Veg Omelette

You would never have imagined that Maggi noodles can be put to such a unique use!
The noodles give a snazzy appearance and fantastic texture to the Maggie Veg Omelette

Maggi Pakoda

An innovative pakoda or snack recipe with the all time favorite maggi noodles

Herbed Maggi Fritters

As a snack prize to reward your child’s achievement or as a starter at a party, these aromatic fritters are sure to become a huge success, provided you serve them immediately on preparation.

Cheesy Maggi Rolls

A cheesy mixture of cooked Maggi, cheese slice and crunchy veggies packed inside readily available samosa patties

Maggi Masala Pizza

Maggi recipe for pizza lovers…

Main Ingredients:
Mozzarella cheese

Maggi masala tikki

A great lip-smacking recipe for leftover Maggi

Main Ingredients:

Maggi Pakoras

A perfect Maggi recipe for a rainy day

Main Ingredients:
Red Onion…