Vegetable Maggi Cutlets

A mixture of noodles and grated veggies seasoned with red chilli flakes cooked on a griddle till it gets scrumptiously crisp. Together with tomato ketchup, these Vegetable Maggi Cutlets make a snack you can’t resist.


Open Cheese and Herb Maggi Sandwich

A sumptuous preparation of toasted bread topped with cooked Maggi is a no sweat snack that you can prepare any time to bid goodbye to sudden hunger pangs

Herbed Maggi Fritters

As a snack prize to reward your child’s achievement or as a starter at a party, these aromatic fritters are sure to become a huge success, provided you serve them immediately on preparation.

Mango Maggi

Lets have some fun with the king of fruits

Main Ingredients:
Fresh mango

Cheese and corn Maggi

Easy Maggi recipe that require less ingredients and time to prepare.

Main ingredients:

Paneer Maggi

Perfect treat for the paneer lovers

Main Ingredients:

Mix veg Maggi

Mouth-watering healthy veggie maggi meal

Main Ingredients:
French beans
Green peas